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Our sweet girl, Ariella

Posted on March 29 2018

Our sweet girl, Ariella

Even before her birth we could have lost her due to a problem in pregnancy. After a c-section delivery, she stopped breathing. We spent three weeks in the NICU dealing with pulmonary hypertension. She was on oxygen 24/7 for her first nine months and then on oxygen at night for several months after that. A small cold was a big threat for her. She also had a moderate sized hole in her heart.

She has Down Syndrome and after three and a half years of fighting and battling and growing stronger, Ariella is now thriving, praise God! She is so much better that she, at times, can be too adventurous. We are raising money to purchase a service dog to help keep her safe now and as she grows to help her be safely independent.

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1 comment

  • Cheryl Sullivan : October 01, 2018

    Such a beautiful baby…