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Our Story

Posted on January 29 2014

Our Story
~~This is our story. Its a story of loss, Love and miracles.

 In the last three years I've had two ectopic pregnancies. In between the ectopic's I had one healthy pregnancy which resulted in my son. He was born two years ago tomorrow 6 weeks prematurely and spent 4 weeks in the NICU. I thank God every day for him. He is a perfectly healthy toddler. The last ectopic pregnancy was in April 2013. My tube left tube was removed and we discovered that my right tube was practically nonexistent. This told us two things.... one I can never get pregnant again without the help of modern science and two... My son is a true MIRACLE. The doctors cannot explain how I became pregnant with him. I've seen many fertility specialists and they all say the same thing. In September 2013 my husband and I decided to try IVF. But unfortunately it was not successful. We have no plans at this time to try again.

 Every day I try to be brave. I try not to think about the babies that we've lost. I try not to wonder how I will explain to Nate why he doesn't have any brothers and sisters. Every day I try to remind myself that this is the path that has been chosen for us. I know I am morning the loss of my babies and of the ability to have more and I'm faithful that time will heal. I know I am luckier than many because I have a healthy son, but also because I have an amazing husband who has gone through this with me loving me every step of the way, as I fell more in love with him each day. Pure Love. Truly blessed.

 Thanks for reading.
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