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Our Story

Posted on January 07 2014

Our Story
Our story begins in early 2006 when my husband, Steve was diagnosed with MS.  As a certified medical assistant I knew of the disease and assured him everything would be fine.  He thought he was dying.  In reality we are all dying.  His diagnosis was pretty clear cut and started treatment right away.  After two years of deteriation he had to quit work.  I had started having numerous symptoms that no one could find the answers to.  This was in late 2006 and by 2010 I had the diagnosis of MS as well.  Once everything other illness was ruled out and all indicators pointed to MS.  We are rare, not many couple that are married are diagnosed with MS during their marriage to each other.

One person having MS is difficult, but add two to the mix, it makes the struggle a lot harder.  We struggle daily with symptoms, trials and tribulations, but as long as I'm able I will try to bring awareness to those who know nothing about MS and will fight with all that I have to enjoy my 18 month old grandson and watch him grown to be a fine man.  My husband agrees, it's tough and we always appreciate prayers!

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