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Not In My Family

Posted on September 06 2015

I began my nursing career in 1985. I did not know about Alzheimers/Dementia at that time. I began working as a nurse in a nursing home and worked very closely with the elderly including dementia patients. I can remember thinking to myself "I hope no one in my family gets dementia". My mother who has since passed was diagnosed with dementia in 2009 and passed in 2011 from complications of the disease. There were changes that occurred infrequently with her thought processes throughout the years following her diagnosis. As I reflect back, I believe our family was in denial that our mother could have dementia

As I look back I could almost put myself on a "guilt trip" for not recognizing that those type of thought processes could be; "the dreaded disease".

As a healthcare professional it is very important to keep the public educated on the disease and the early signs of. "DEE DEE is at peace now and has joined her husband in a better place.
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