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Nickels Pickles PKD Brave

Posted on July 13 2016

Nickels Pickles PKD Brave
My name is Kelly. My sister, Nicky has PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and PLD (Polycystic Liver Disease). She was diagnosed 9 years ago. Nicky was 34 years old at the time.
PKD is a disorder in which clusters of cysts develop on your kidneys. The disease can cause cysts on your other main organs, such as your liver. The kidney can grow to the sizes of footballs. Nicky has a already had one of her.lobes of her liver removed, but unfortunately it regrow back diseased.
The PKD Foundation in K.C., MO helps raise awareness and education for the ones suffering from this disease,but for their families also. I had never even heard of PKD until my sister was diagnosed with it. It's usually heredity, but in Nicky's case she's the 3% that didn't inherent it.
Please help support the PKD Foundation. They are always working on clinical trials and trying to find a cure.
As of today there is no cure for this HORRIBLE disease. Think how many things in our body uses our kidneys. Eventually Nicky will need a kidney transplant-probably sooner than later.
I believe in this foundation- Nick's actually participated in several of their clinical trials/ studies at Emory in Atlantic, GA.
Please help a good cause. . If you buy your site thru our story $10.00 of each piece of jewelry will go toward the PKD Foundation.
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