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New Years Eve Will Forever Have A Different Meaning

Posted on May 03 2017

New Years Eve Will Forever Have  A Different Meaning
My husband David weathered a severe cerebellar stroke 12/31/2013 at 8:30 am. It happened to be his last day of vacation, and by the good graces of God he was not behind the wheel at work...he is a truck driver. Thinking that we knew “what a stroke looked like”, this had no signs of what was “typical.” Actually, we thought that he was just suffering from the flu. He spent a week in the stroke unit of Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, and then 30 days in the medical rehab center at that same facility. Dave never lost his abilities of sight, speech, mobility, nor strength, his was vestibular in nature. My heart ached for him when I saw that it was a constant battle to try and remain upright to walk, and the “vertigo” incidents with nausea were horrid. Through prayer, hard work, wonderful medical care, great rehabilitation, and diligence, Each and every milestone (transferring from bed to wheelchair, walking with assistance of the gait belt, to the quad cane to walking with a walking stick to now walking without any assistance) has been awesome. Dave celebrated this past New Year’s Eve surrounded by family and friends. He is still recouping, and indeed life will never be the same. He was a commercial truck driver for 32 years, and will probably not be able to add to those working years. BUT....we embrace the “new normal”, and are so thankful. Each and every day poses challenges, but we can meet them head on as long as we are together. God has been very good to us, indeed. He will forever be my hero.

Post Script: This was written almost four and a half years ago. Today, Dave is doing quite well, not happy with being retired, but with that being said, he is able to drive his pick up, walk the dog, cut the grass...all things we NEVER again dreamed possible, It has been a long and tedious task to get him to this point, but ever so worth all that hard work. If you are reading this and are questioning if you too will ever see the end of the tunnel, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP. Have faith, I'll be praying for you.
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