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Never Stop Fighting

Posted on April 19 2017

Never Stop Fighting
Never Stop Fighting

Wednesday 06/17/2009. It was just beginning to become full blown sunrise. It was like God put all the lights on bright. That was the morning that changed my life forever. I was stabbed multiple times, had my throat slit, was raped and left for dead on the side of a dead end, sugar sand, dirt road like a pile of trash. The serene look of the sunrise and the chirping birds would make you believe it was a beautiful day. But it wasn’t. It was the most horrific day of my life and I never stopped fighting. He took a wrong turn, I spoke up and asked him to turn around, he started to attack me by pulling me out of the vehicle slicing my throat, I begged him to stop and offered any excuse or reason I could think of to stop him. I said I wouldn’t tell if he just stopped. I said I’ll say someone else did it, just please stop. I offered my body. He didn’t stop. So, I grabbed the knife and stabbed myself in the hand to cover the blade then laid on top of the entire thing. If he couldn’t get it, he can’t cut me. Then I tried to stab him back. That was a mistake. I stabbed him but he took the knife back. He stabbed me multiple times and then raped me before I could get back to the vehicle to try to lock myself inside and honk the horn. Thank God for the necklace and bracelet I was wearing that was a dog collar type silver chain from a high-end boutique because it kept stopping the knife. My throat got A LOT OF small cuts instead of long deep ones. Also Thank God for the people at the Printing Press that called and reported what looked like a man raping a deer on the end of their road. They came down to wake me up and let me know the ambulance was on the way. I kept repeating my name and social security number, whispering please help me, so they wouldn’t think I was a Jane Doe. The entire time I begged to get home to my two boys and get them ready for school. All I could think of was making it home to them alive. If I didn’t have my boys, I don’t think I could have fought that hard for my life. I saw a vision of my boys older in a green, grassy field throwing a ball for a dog and I was older too. That’s when I knew I could breathe. I might make it home. God showed me that vision to stay strong and remind me that I still had a lot of years left in me. I never stopped fighting.
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