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Never Stop Fighting

Posted on November 18 2013

Never Stop Fighting
Sometimes there are no perfect words to describe what it's like to watch someone you love and care about struggle and fight a battle that ultimately would defeat them in the end. For me, it was my mother. She was not only a strong, brave woman, but she did not let Multiple Myeloma define her. I always remember her supporting me when I was young, being there for me when I was sick, or just there to embrace me and listen. I wish I could explain just how beautiful she was, inside and out, because her battle is one for the history books. Over 11 years she fought, and I have never seen someone go through so much and never give up. It was only until her body, not her mind, decided that it could not go on. The picture shows me with her at the Mayo Clinic, after she was diagnosed with total renal failure. And even then she was so selfless, making sure that before she went that we all knew just how much she loved us and that she would never leave our sides. I got a guardian angel the day she took her last breath, and even though I will never find another best friend quite like her I will always have the memories. I fight back by fundraising, volunteering, and walking for causes. While this doesn't always soften the pain, it gives you the strength to keep going without them. Make sure you spend every minute of your life as if it was your last, and never lose sight of what is important. Together, I believe we can make a change. As for me, I will never stop fighting because of my mother, who taught me what it meant to be strong. 
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