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Nate the Great!

Posted on April 09 2016

Nathaniel Christain Knittel (Nate) was born with Cerebral Palsy. As he has aged he has been diagnosed with Epilepsy, developmental disabilities, language delays, vision problems and other issues that his cerebral palsy has caused. He rarely asks for anything and is usually happiest when he is sitting on the couch eating M&Ms and playing on his iPad. Probably because it is harder for him to get around now and it hurts him to go out and do things like he used to. As he has aged his leg muscles have stayed tight in one leg causing it to be shorter therefore he walks with a limp. His hips are displaced from this and it causes him some pain. One of the things that we would like to be able to get him is a new "chair" or stroller that he can use to go places. He has one that is well over 10 years old and has been a good one, but he has outgrown it and it is just about worn out. The second item that would make Nate a happy boy is a special bike. He gets to ride the special bike at school and loves it, but he is about to be out of school and could use one that he can ride at home. It would be great exercise for his legs and he could get out with the other kids in the neighborhood and play. Something he usually can't do, even though he would like to. Nate has some money of his own and will help purchase these items. As well as his family, who will also give what we can to help him get these items. We do the best we can to get him the things he needs, but this would help him with getting a couple things he would like to have, but just can't afford.


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