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Myasthenia Gravis

Posted on March 08 2015

Not sure where to begin, well I just turned 40, I have 2 beautiful sons 4.5 and 10.5 the souls that keep me fighting every day. I have had myasthegravis for 5 years, I feel ICU is my home away from home, I have amazing doctors that fight as hard as I do to keep me alive I am blessed. I was a avid runner ate healthy and wam still was able to get this unknown rotten disease. I take 15 pills a day, weekly Ivig and chemotherapy once a month now a bipap machine to give my lungs a rest at night wish I could say it is so easy. What I can say I am blessed for each day I am given, I haven another unknown auto immune disease, but with my intense treatments hopefully we will find it. I look to fresh air the little things now matter so much. The hardest thing was disability being a single mom and have 3 college degrees, it seems now it wanted that too. I have lost many friends due to that can't understand I do what they can do or I have life threatening illness I could be taken from them, sorry I could be taken from my sons the 2 amazing souls I was blessed with. I had a service dog that helped through feats she was amazing I got a lot of life back with her, now she must retire and I have no money to get another, she will remain with me forever, friends to the end. So there is much more, but this the short version, never give up hope even when the devil wants to dance your the better dancer, I promise you that!! Even surviving a car accident almost a year and half ago that plated half my face and made my disease worse. Again I danced kissed my boys and here I am..writing this story. Still getting chemotherapy and Ivig at 85lbs and 5'4 but I am brave!!! So are you...
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