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My wife needs a kidney

Posted on November 26 2016

In the picture is my wife Lynn. She is a 54 yr. old wife, mother of four children she adores and a high school teacher. She loves life and people. She is a loving, caring and giving person putting others before herself. She has a zest for life and as she says she, "is not done yet!"

Almost 13 years ago she was diagnosed with and is a survivor of kidney cancer. Unfortunately she is also a person who develops kidney stones quite easily. Over the years those stones have taken a toll on her kidneys. In May, her kidney specialist referred her to the University of Minnesota Transplant Center where she underwent extensive testing. She was found to be eligible for a kidney transplant in Oct. This begins our journey to locate a living donor for her.

Why a living donor? Living organ donations are the most successful donation. It offers the patient the best chance for survival. Advantages include: compatibility, condition of kidney and success. Live kidney donations can last a patient up to about 30 years on average.

Lynn has overcome many health obstacles in her life. She has never let her health stop her from being her best and just going for it! To look at her and be with her one would never knows how much she really suffers. I have had her in my life for a short time and look forward to spending many more happy years with my wife!!
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