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My true brave story

Posted on March 29 2018

My true brave story
My story has many sides to it. We are a family of alphabet letters. To start off with: I have MS, one daughter has RA, and the two youngest daughters has CF. CF used to be one of the blood test they routinely did when you were pregnant. My two youngest daughters Teira and Trista had all the symptoms of CF. Teira had the digestive issues related to CF. She also had really bad ulcers in her mouth and esophagus which kept her from eating. Trista had upper lung infection and pneumonia one right after another. They also have kidney disease. They were both diagnosed at the age of five and eight. Trista has kidney reflux in both kidneys and Teira has reflux in one kidney and kidney failure in the other kidney. Today at age of 27 Teira is doing okay and age 24 Trista is not doing well. She has been in the hospital a lot with staph infections and her pancreas has failed. Because of insurance Trista has to do her antibiotics at home. I'm worried more about her because I'm afraid that she is getting closer for a lung transplant. They are strong women and all three of the girls are very protective of each other. Their slogan is "Just call my name and I'll be there ". Their friends are supportive of them. I'm proud of who they have become. There's more to my story but I don't want to take up all of your time. Thanks for reading my story.
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