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My Sweet Robin

Posted on July 22 2016

My Sweet Robin
Robin is gone now. She left us after years of fighting for her life, due to cancer. Robin was graceful, sweet, kind, loving, and always positive. Robin worked hard at her job, for her family, her friends, her health, and God. Robin was a one of a kind friend. She was one of those people that you just cannot get out of your mind...especially after the long and arduous battle that she, and her whole family endured.

Robin and Allen met in the lobby of our bank in Texas. She was secretary to one of the bank Vice Presidents. Allen was a handsome guy that found her working there. Yes, we were jealous. He was such a handsome and sweet man. He showered her with gifts and attention. He stopped by often to see her. They fell in love and married.

I moved away and changed jobs. Robin did, too. I kind of lost track of her, as that seems to happen in our 20's.

One day, I was having a garage sale. Of all people, Robin walked up my driveway! She bought some furniture for her daughter. She said Allen were going to refinish it in white, for her room. I was so excited to see my friend again.

I lost track of her once again. I divorced and remarried. While visiting my new husband's uncles and aunts, of all people, Robin walked into the house. My new husband was so surprised when we grabbed each other for a big hug. Tears came to my eyes. She had grown up with him and his cousins, who lived next door. I spent some time with her on several occasions. Pretty soon, my husband was transferred to California. Now, in our 30's, I lost touch with her again.

After several years, we moved back home and settled in a newer neighborhood in a smaller local town. One day, while sitting outside with my son, I saw a woman walking by. Lots of neighbors took evening walks and it was not strange to see someone walking by. This lady was walking with a purpose and was all sweaty. Suddenly, she called out, "Teri, is that you!?" That voice was not to be mistaken. Again, we hugged, all sweaty and everything. She met my son, Dane, and told him to come over, anytime. She only lived 3 blocks away! Of course, he did, as often as possible. She was kind of home base for him while he was meeting new kids in the neighborhood. We'd walk over to each other's house occasionally.

One afternoon, she told be that she had some bad news. She had breast cancer. She seemed fine and assured me that she had a great doctor and was given lots of reasons that she would be able to beat it. She went on working and never missed a beat. However, we were both raising children and were going in all kinds of directions. I worked in another city, so I didn't see her much.

After several years of working in a school in our hometown, I accepted a job at a school in our smaller town. During the first week of school, Robin walked into my classroom. I almost cried right in front of the children. She was working as an aid for the school and had seen my name on the new roster. There were no people in our area with my last name, so she knew it was me. At lunch that day, she delivered some bad news. Her cancer had returned and had spread. This is the first time I'd seen her look sad. She just kind of shook her head and went on back to work. After several absences and lots of treatments, she had to quit work. Instead of getting better, the cancer had metastasized in her back. She did improve for a time and never quit trying to work. By now, finding a job was difficult.

One bad side affect of all of the chemo and the mental and physical trauma was her mood. Her husband ended up divorcing her. She was devastated and I was in shock! I called her once in awhile to check in. By this time, I began working in our hometown again and rarely saw her. She eventually took a job at a local bank. She worked as long as she could. They eventually had to let her go.

She moved in with her mother, as her health deteriorated. Her breast cancer was now in her brain. She was eventually moved to Hospice. It was a short drive from my school. I stopped by to see her about every other day. Her ex-husband came by to get her out of the bed and outside for some fresh air. During our conversations, she was always positive and tried to show her loving spirit. Her daughter would bring Robin's grandchild to visit. It was the absolute highlight of her day!!! She hung every moment on his arrival. Other days, I'd ask if she wanted her hair brushed or her feet rubbed. She'd smile that huge loving smile and say, "Absolutely!" That's how I spent her last days with her.

I'm so blessed to have had this beautiful person in my life. I realize that cancer today, is so treatable. We still have a long way to go. God blessed me with my sweet Robin. Keep cancer research in our prayers, donations coming, and spend time with those you love! Go to to help support cancer research.
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