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My Story Battling Cancer

Posted on November 29 2013

My Story Battling Cancer
My Story Battling Cancer

Written by: Taylor S. Williams


Hi, I’m Taylor and I am 13 years surviving. I am going to tell you all about my battle with Chondrosarcoma bone cancer.  So let’s get to the beginning. It all got pieced together in January, 2010. I was on New Years vacation up in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire. I was sledding one night with my cousin and best friends. When my best friend Kristin and I went down the hill, she fell off and I stayed on. I rammed straight into a snowmobile. I tried getting up but I wasn’t able to put any weight on my right leg. My cousin Stuey and my brother Ethan tried helping me walk up the driveway to the cabin, but I was in too much pain to do that. So Stuey picked me up baby style and walked me up to the cabin. When I got inside I laid on the couch and wasn’t able to walk for the night. The next day my mom ( Bonnie ) and my dad ( David ) said they would take me to get my leg x-rayed. When I went to the doctors the said I had a tumor in my right hip and that I can’t walk on it or I might shatter my hip bone. That’s when we went to Children’s Hospital, Boston. I did all sorts of tests and met up with my current doctor. Dr. Gebhart ( Geb-Heart) told us that I had a very rare type of tumor, my tumor was called Chondromyxoid fibroma and was benign.  That’s when I went into surgery 3 months later on April 2cnd , 2010. Dr. Gebhart said that my tumor was about the size of a golf ball. Also Dr. Gebhart said that they didn’t get all of the tumor out so he was going to keep an eye on it to make sure the tumor didn’t grow anymore. I was ok until 3 years later when I was in 7th grade. My tumor grew and it was growing rapidly. So I went into surgery as quickly as possible on December 28th , 2012. We found out about the tumor that year in October. After the surgery my doctors realized my tumor wasn’t a Chondromyxoid fibroma but an adult, malignant bone tumor called Chondrosarcoma.  That’s when my parents and everybody but myself knew I had cancer. I was told I had cancer 7 months later. Now it’s September 12th, 2013. I am walking and doing better, I am not cancer free but my cancer isn’t active at the moment.
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