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My Son My Hero

Posted on September 11 2012

December 12th 2011 my then 9 year old son was diagnosed with Ulceractive Colitis..He was hospitalized at the end of December for blood transfusions and iron infusions… that was a 3 day stay. He was then hospitalized for a week in March for more blood and iron and switched from oral medication for the colitis to the Iv one..April 4th 2012 I brought Hunter to the ER because he was very weak and wouldn’t stay awake..When we arrived a nurse had looked at him and knew right away that something wasn’t right and she moved him to a bigger room and a bunch of people were all over him taking his vitals every 5 mins and pushing iv fluids in him manually..He was in septic shock and we were loosing him..He then went to the ICU and was there until Saturday and that was the day after they removed 85% of his colon, he came out of surgery with an ileostomy bag. He was very sad and confused.. The hospital gave him a doll and a book to help him understand what had happened to him..The doll had a bag also he was truly a big help. After leaving the ICU and back to the main floor there was talk about going home on Thursday the 12th. Wednesday morning the day before going home Hunter had not 1 but 2 seizures and back to the ICU he went and they did all kinds of testing to find out what went wrong.. All the fluids pumped into him and the trama his body had gone through there was fluid pockets on his brain. We finally got to go home April 15th.. the day before my birthday!! He lived with the ileostomy back until July 25th when he went back in for reversal surgery where they were able to recreate his rectum with a pouch and he came out bag free!!! It was such a great relief to know that my now 10 year old doesn’t have to walk around with that any longer. He was in the hospital for 1 week. Things are getting so much better the bathroom usage is slowing down some but still not enough for him to not wear a pull up or adult diaper to school.. When you are going through such a traumatic time like this you really have no choice to but to be brave for their sake.. When I was told we were loosing him I went numb! But I kept a smile on my face for him and just kept telling him I wasn’t leaving his side and the doctors were going to make him better! He is the bravest and strongest little boy I know and I couldn’t be more proud of him for all he has been through the past 11 months.. He is truly my hero!!


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