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My Son KENNY Westerfield

Posted on March 14 2015

My Son KENNY Westerfield
My story begins with bringIng my four beautiful sons into this world. They have grew up to wonderful sons. My oldest son KENNY the handsome little blond boy in the picture holding his baby brother smiling happily grew serving God and became a Minister. In 2007, my baby boy who was now a grown man found out he had Multiple Myeloma, a Cancer of the blood that attacks the bones. We had Cancer in our family, his dad who survived, his grandmothers who has survived and we had never heard of Multiple Myeloma. For months before, KENNY, my son had called me asking how I had felt with pain before my Knee Replacements. None of the pain sounded the same. I started researching the Internet looking what could be wrong. He had just moved to maintain our Church Camp Grounds in AL. He was excited. Had so much he wanted to accomplish to get the camp repaired, up and running again. Looking forward to sharing Jesus with others. He arrived there early 2007, until he found out he had Multiple Myeloma. It was advanced, three tumors. He started treatment at UAB. He received the advised treatment. We knew by reading the stages, with 3 Tumors he was in Stage III, survival rate at that time 33 months. But we weren't worry. Our family had survived the odds before, we had prayer and he was at a good hospital.

In Sept. 2009, he began having problems with his speech. The doctors said it was the different pain medicines they were trying on him. We researched the medicines and yes they did have side effects, yet he continued to have problems. One week before Thanksgiving 2009, he was rushed to the hospital, test were ran, to our horror they found a large tumor in his brain. He was admitted to UAB. They planned to drain the build-up fluid, radiation, chemo. Less than an hour Ken coded. They brought him back in 15 mins, rushed to surgery. The surgery was successful.

However, the Cancer had became very aggressive. Ken fought a good fight. He continued serving God and running the Camp through the loss of his speech, the loss of his use of his right side...he continued doing all he could...His slogan. "Never Surrender! Never Give Up!" That is what he did until it the Multiple Myeloma took control of his life.

On Dec 30, 2009, after Ken's lost his battle to the Cancer. Ken fought bravely and strongly through much pain, he continued through it all he maintained his Slogan: NEVER SURRENDER, NEVER GIVE UP! That was Ken, my wonderful son who is greatly loved and missed. God called His son home at 45 years old.
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