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My Progress since my First Bravelet

Posted on November 21 2014

Hello again everyone, just wanted to give an update on what's been going on in the past year and a half since I had my first Bravelets fundraiser and I still have family and friends who wear their Bravelets proudly to represent my disease and it makes me excited to know that they still wear their Bravelets & look at it proudly in their support for me. I'm still having a lot of difficulty, unfortunately my hip surgeries were not completely successful and I've been left disabled and now have other syndromes and itis's but always looking for new treatments and procedures for this crippling disease and every donation you make, by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry goes to the National Osteonecrosis Foundation to help with that research. Thank you for reading my story and for all of your support, Susie White
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