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My Mountain Has A Name

Posted on June 09 2017

My Mountain Has A Name
April 14, 2011 my world and the world of my family fell apart in the blink of an eye. God showed me how quickly He can and will change our life. I have Large Diffuse B-cell non Hodgkin Lymphoma in the form of a malignant brain tumor. I found my world turned upside down and I lost my footing. Because of my cancer I have many other health issues. My left eye is sewn shut, I wear a leg brace from my foot to my hip, my teeth are falling out because of my aggressive chemo, I have Celiac and suffering from memory problems because of radiation to my head. I never ask why I have cancer I only want to become a better person because of it. I do not ask what else can go wrong.
I have realized that cancer will take everything from you. I stay in the hospital a good bit, because I have no immune system. I have to have around the clock care. The one good thing about that is I get to visit with my friends. I can look around me and there is always someone in worse shape. I try to be as active as I can be. I like to make people laugh. Humor is part of my personality. I go to churches and play my guitar and sing and give my testimony. My mom always had me in church knowing that I would need a firm foundation. She never dreamed I would need this foundation as I battled cancer. God has had me on my knees praying. I will never be cancer free, but that is okay God has a perfect plan for me and He will know when it is finished. When I was first diagnosed I was given two years to live, it has been over six years and I am still here.
This is my new battle phrase,"The devil whispered in my ear, You cannot withstand this storm", and I whispered back in the devils ear,"I am the storm". This phrase says so much. It gives me the courage and strength to keep on fighting. I like to laugh and my friends like to make me laugh.