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My mothers fight

Posted on April 07 2015

My mothers fight
Hello, my name is Marcie , this pic is my mother and me after the first time she had Lymphoma cancer. She did a long hard fight and beat it for 10 years. Then one day I was told it was back and in her breast. She went through it all over again, the long walk down cancer road! Fighting every day, day in day out! She was in and out of the hospital this time so much she was so sick, white blood count never coming back up, sowers in her mouth so bad she couldn't eat or drink . Couldn't walk couldn't talk. We thought she wasn't going to be able to fight it this time! She started to get better and the dr. Said it was gone! Yes she did it agai! BUT in a month after the dr. Said it was gone it was back again! She was so week so tinny, we sat her down and asked her if she realy wanted to go through all this again. We asked the dr. Can she do this again? They told us she either try's or we get her on hosbis. Well she wanted to try again, so they stared chemo, she ended back in the hospital from it, and she never came back out! We got the phone call to get to florida as fast as we can cause she was heading to heaven. My brother and I didn't make it,and we was on the next flight out. She has been gone for five months now and the pain is still so strong!
My mother is not the only one of her family members that has died from this type of cancer, her whole side of her family has had to fight this, and has passed from it. A few months before we found out she had it again her brother passed from it too. Now her younger sister is fighting it and it's beating her too.i ive watch my family get beat buy this! It makes me so mad!
But my mother is always with me .
Marcie jones
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