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My mother

Posted on January 13 2015

My mother passed away 2 years ago in January a week after my birthday. She was my best friend and a fabulous mother and of course the best grandmother ever. She was everyone's friend. She always said to "do something for someone that cannot repay you." We gave our hearts, ourselves and money to anyone we could find that looked like they needed a bit of help that day. Her legacy lives on in all of us.
She battled Colon Cancer for less than a year. She found out too late that she was in stage 3 and quickly progressed to stage 4. Her white blood cell count was very low from chemo and she became sick. She had the flu that took over all of her organs. She left us one evening and it was a shock - a real shock. We were not ready. But who is ever ready. We miss her. I hope one day that there is a cure for cancer.
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