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My Mommy Bonnie Nichols

Posted on October 18 2014

My brave mommy Bonnie Nichols was diagnosed with copd at 42.We lost her on July 24th 2014 at 10:58 pm.My mom one that never complained,knew her limitations. I'm pretty sure that's how she made it this long.She was only 68.She's been married to my dad for 52 years they married at the young age of 15 and 17.It's still really hard everyday and the strange thing is COPD isn't what took my mom. You see she had been complaining of a stomach ache and she felt nauses and didn't want to eat much was having a hard time going to the bathroom.So my sister after day 4 talked her into going to the ER. 11 hrs later she was gone.She had a blockage in her bowel that turned septic.So to me she beat COPD.I have to say her last hrs of life she was breathing so good.Long deep breaths just what she always dreamed of.She always said she didn't want to die struggling for breath and she didn't that I'm thankful for.
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