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My Mom, My Hero, My Angel

Posted on April 18 2016

My Mom, My Hero, My Angel
My Story began Sept 10, 2014 with a phone call I never in 100 years thought I would receive. "Sissy, Mommy has cancer!" these words turned my world upside down.

My mom was not sick, she had a silly cough that came and went and her voice would go in and out but she was not sick. She was a vibrant, fun, full of life mother, oma, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

She was not sick!!!

My mom loved to travel back and forth between Washington. and Texas where her 10 grand kids lived and Arizona were she retired with her loving husband of 46 years. She would shop and go to lunch with the girls and go on vacations with her best friend.

She was not sick!!!

the weeks leading up to Sept 10, 2014 she spent a whirlwind vacation with dad and grandma touring America, seeing things grandma had never seen, mom loved being able to take her mom to all these new places for the first time.

She was not sick!!!

Sadly My mom lost her battle with lung cancer on Dec. 23, 2014 just 3 months after learning she had it. My heart and world shattered into a million pieces that day.

But my mom was sick....


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