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My Mom and Dad

Posted on August 22 2015

08/22/15 My sweet, beautiful mother (81 yrs old) was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/Dementia approximately 10 years ago and is currently in the final phase of this cruel, memory stealing disease. For the past two years, my three sisters and I have been taking shifts to care for Mom so we can keep her out of a nursing home. She currently lives with my Dad (84 yrs old) in the home they have lived in for 60 years. It is a huge commitment for all of us as we have our own families and jobs demanding our time, but we are also honored to be taking care of this wonderful woman. =') Four months ago, my Dad (who has Diabetes) was diagnosed with lung cancer. Two months ago, Dad had Advanced Radiation (Cyber Knife) on the largest tumor. Unfortunately, his second PET scan taken two weeks ago, shows his cancer has progressed from a stage 1 lung cancer, to a stage 4 cancer that has now moved into his liver. Due to Dad's age and his Diabetes, his Oncologist did not recommend any other treatment. He has been given "months" to live. My sisters and I now have another important job to do.... Help to comfort our Dad as he accepts and prepares for this last chapter in his life. I love the idea of your bracelets and I will share your link with my sisters, daughters and nieces. I need a bracelet with both Alzheimer's and Lung Cancer charms so I may honor both of my parents. Thank you.
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