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My life with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Posted on February 07 2014

My life with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Hi my name is Lisa and I have been suffering with CRPS for 15 years. I was a nurse and I lifted a patient who became combative. My injury was an ac joint dislocation and I tore my Trapezius muscle on right side. I thought well it's going to take some time to heal but ill be back good as new. I had just won a battle with uterine cancer. So when my right arm discolored and I was rushed to the doctor, and the doctor said Lisa you have what's called RSD. I was a nurse and had never heard of this, but no problem. I had just beat cancer so this would be a piece of cake. He looked at me and said Lisa this is the worst pain registered on the McGill pain scale . There is no cure and treatment is limited, due to not enough knowledge. The first case was back in the civil war, known then as Causglia meaning burning pain. Yet there is still no cure, nor enough education. Since the date of injury my life has been changed by RSD. I am now full body with organ involvement. There are days I am weak and lose my courage to fight. There are many days I can't even be touched, the fan blowing on my skin cause severe pain. I hardly know what a hug feels like anymore. RSD causes such horrible burning pain, swelling, temperature changes, discoloration, atrophy and severe spasms. There are many more symptoms I could list. So with all this said I want to say thank you to Bravelets for given us these bracelets so we can remember to be brave and never stop fighting. If you want to know more about RSD go to Keep fighting and remember we must never give up and let our illnesses take our fight away.

Much love

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1 comment

  • Jeffrey's Doyle: October 01, 2018

    How are you feeling today Lisa?

    You sound like me.