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My life with cancer

Posted on March 23 2017

My life with cancer
I am a 13 years and 10 months survivor of Multiple Myeloma. It will be 14 years in May when I was told that I have cancer.
I at first told them that was wrong because the doctors told me they were looking to see what kind of anemia I had.
Well they found that I had Multiple Myeloma stage 3. I had my stem cells taken out and cleaned if the Mylomea then put back in me. That was the first year. I was just 34 when I was diagnosed. Then I had to back surgery because of a fracture and so I have pins and rods from the top of my back to the bottom. I have had radiation therapy in several places on my body. I have been on some kind of chemo and I know that I will never be off chemo, but I some day that will change.
I will never give up and I hope that my story will help you keep fighting and stay positive and smile it really does help. 😊
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