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My Journey Journal

Posted on March 05 2016

My Journey Journal
In 2011, I began recording my journey of recovery from abuse... I call it, My Journey Journal. As I did then, I still believe that recovery and freedom from abuse is a journey... one that often isn't remembered once healing is found. That is why I choose to write through my journey, sharing my storms and my calms with others who may need to know they are not alone where they may be at in their journey. My writing is a safe place where I can be free in my reality, even if my reality isn't one that I want to admit. My abuse is repressed, even as a 40-something year old. I believe that disassociation is a protection tool that God gave us to protect ourselves from the things we cannot control. Disassociation was my life-line in childhood, although it has become my journey in adulthood. If you are seeking freedom from abuse, I encourage you to BE BRAVE and believe in yourself, even if just for a moment a day. You are a star. You have a purpose and are not your abuse (and do not belong to those who abused you). As I continue to write my story, I encourage you to know your story is not over because of abuse... it is just beginning! Be brave, Rayne
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