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My Inspiration

Posted on December 09 2015

My Inspiration
My father always wanted one of his children to have "a pair of twins" as he called it. My Niece, Candie was pregnant just after my father passed away and yes it was with twin boys. Daddy would have been so excited to watch the boys arrive in this world and watch as they grew. Gage and Gavin arrived the day before my birthday. It was a joyous occasion as we almost lost their mother and them. We loved the boys dearly and we noticed that Gage gaged every feeding. Candie knew in her heart something was wrong and watched, talked to doctors and was told nothing was wrong. At 6 Gage began having neck pain and horrible head aches. After taking him to the doctors yet again a MRI was done and we were told that Gage had a brain tumor and it was wrapped around his brain stem. He began with Proton Radiation as it was experimental and did not have any effect on the tumor. Then off to Atlanta to children's hospital for a new set of doctors. Gage was in the hospital more than out for the next year. His little life was touch and go much of the time. Then they decided to try an experimental chemo. It began to work and Gage began to get better. He was off and on Chemo for the next two years. He just had his MRI and now we wait....
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