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My husbands story

Posted on May 04 2015

In 2004 my husband was first hit with trigeminal nueralgia. It was not severe but he first went to dentist but dentist sent him regular doctor. They put him on mess and it won't away. 9 years later he was hit by TN with a vegenance. I have never seen a person suffer so much with this pain and I felt so helpless. The mess helped a little but he could always tell when a seizure was coming on. I saw my husband age 10 years in 6 months from this horrible disease. We looked into surgery but they said he was too old he said he would risk it but they said no. So he faithfully took the mess and they were rough on his body. Thank god this all happened later in life because he was an airplane pilot and his license would have been revoked because he could not have flown with this disease. Richard died 02/14/14 from other causes but it was a relief to know he would no longer suffer with TN. That's why I want to let everyone know about this disease which is almost unknown. But I'm here to tell you it is definitely real
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