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My Hero

Posted on March 25 2015

My Hero
On April 11th, 2000 my son, Ryan, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. His sugar level was 1014. He was 6 years old and life as we all knew it changed forever. Ryan and I decided during that hospital stay that diabetes would not get him. If it was meant to it would have then, so we look at that as a sign he is meant to beat it. From that day on he became the strongest person I know. He is now a junior studying electrical engineering at USF. His dad and I normally do something on April 11th to get my mind off what day it is. This April 11th is the Walk for a Cure in Tampa. We walk every year and this year just happens to fall on his 15th anniversary. So this year I will be where my heart and soul is everyday and that is with Ryan. Walking. Fighting. Beating diabetes.
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