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My grandson heart warrior

Posted on June 02 2017

My grandson heart warrior
My grandson had ASD and VSD, we knew this before he was even born. When he was born we were told again that at 4 months old he would need open heart surgery. He grew and was always smiling but we knew one day the surgery would happen. His appointment was with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Dr. Spray the surgeon. Dr. Spray is world renowned but we were all still anxious.
On May 25th 2017, his little heart was fixed. His first day he mostly slept with tubes to help him breathe and monitors etc. In 24 hrs they were removed one by one. We discontinued the oxycotin and used only Tylenol. This saved him from sure gastrointestinal issues, and he grew stronger each day. In just 3 1/2 days he came home!
All through this time the family wore their bravelets every day for months to show support for our grand baby. Now he is thriving and happy ready for a full life.

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  • Larry Kluge: October 15, 2017

    Hi Congenital Heart Defect Grandson Survivor:

    You are certainly brave and now have joined the many children involved with Saving tiny Hearts who are tiny Heart Superheroes™ ( You are certainly BRAVE!

    Last night we celebrated our 12th Annual Gala here in Chicago with over 500 in attendance all for your benefit and the millions of children like you who have been born with the NUMBER ONE BIRTH DEFECT Congenital Heart. We have no paid employees and every dollar we raise goes to support life saving research.

    We wish you abundant good health and happiness and we are here for you…

    Larry Kluge
    Liaison to the Medical Advisory Board

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