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My fight against Leiomyosarcoma

Posted on January 22 2015

My fight against Leiomyosarcoma
I was diagnosed in 2003 with Leiomysarcoma. LMS is a soft muscle tissue cancer. In 2003, I had a complete hysterectomy followed by radiation therapy. In 2003, there were no drug therapies known to work on LMS. I went 8 and 1/2 years without a recurrence. But in Dec., 2011, LMS reared it's ugly head again, and this time it has been relentless. I have had 7 surgeries since 2011. I lost my left hip and femur to tumors and have a hip replacement and femur resection. The hip has been done twice, since the tumor came back in my adductor muscle of my left leg. That muscle was removed and a new hip was put in. I lost my ischium bone at the same time. Every few month another spot seems to pop up on my scans; my right abdominal wall, my scalp, my lower back. I also had chemotherapy for 15 weeks in 2013.I just had a PET scan that revealed three more tumor sites; one in my neck lymph node, one in my left lung and one in my pericardial tissue. Great strides have been made with regard to chemotherapy for this sarcoma. While there is no chemo yet that will completely eradicate the tumors, research is making headway and some great news is on the horizon in this area. I would like the money donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Great research is going on there. I am in a genetic research study, which studies DNA from my tissue samples and is looking for gene mutations that may be involved in causing this rare cancer. Less than one half of one percent of all cancers are LMS.therefore, the research has been limited. This is rapidly changing at MSKCC. The money needs to be there for them to continue these studies. Thank you and I appreciate your support.
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