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My Fight

Posted on April 08 2015

I have been through one fight with breast cancer and I was seven years out. I was diagnosed again a couple of weeks ago, the cancer had metastasized and I am now back undergoing chemotherapy. I did decide to have my hair cut before the chemo could take it and I loved that decision, my hair, what there is of it, looks great, feels great and makes me feel good! It's the little things that count now and I plan to take advantage of all that I can. For anyone going through this I empathize and know first hand how hard it is. My advice...stay as positive as you possibly can, IT HELPS! Yes, I have good days as well as bad, but my goal here is to have lots more good days and to do that you have to stay positive, trust your doctor's and do NOT be afraid to ask questions or to say NO to something you are not comfortable with. That is my two cents! Hope you all have a great day and I can't say this enough...Stay Positive! Thanks, Judy
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