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My Family

Posted on March 05 2015

My Family
Back in 2000-2001, my mother started showing signs of dementia/Alzheimer's but while still living at home, I was one of the last ones to acknowledge it. The reason, I believe that the reason was because I did not want to accept that I was losing my mother. After watching a close friend become more of a advocate for the Alzheimer's Association, I myself decided to start doing the walks and collecting donations for the Association. It gave me a way to help my mother besides helping her day to day. Besides my mother, who is still alive our family has already lost two other great people to this horrible disease. They were my great aunt Lil, who to this day I truly love her name and my great uncle Edward. I don't want to see anymore of my family or friends' families have to suffer, that is why I am on here hoping to sell some bracelets so that I can help my team collect $10,000 in donations. I don't expect to earn the $10,000 just on here but I hope it is a good start.
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