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My dream changed my life

Posted on April 12 2016

My dream changed my life
I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old and I was told that I would never be like everyone else so I did the impossible and became like all the kids my age. I was told that I could never play sports or do the things that I love to do it set me back with everything I couldn't run as fast or be the most flexible but that never stopped me from going out for basketball or track it is what I love to do so I do it despite all the risks. I took the chance despite all the odds of me getting hurt for the things that I love to do.
I was also diagnosed with JRA (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis) and that is very rare in kids my age. That would not stop me from doing what I love I help out in the community and all of the other stuff I try to stay active when I can without getting hurt, but then again what is a story if you don't get hurt once and a while. I fit in with kids at my school and I try not to let my sjogren's get in the way of me being a kid.
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