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My Daily Struggles

Posted on February 13 2017

My Daily Struggles
Have you ever had a crushing feeling, like an elephant standing on your chest, for no apparent reason at all? Or, been unable to raise up from bed and place your feet on the floor to go to work, and it gets so bad that you don't go? I sure have! My life took a wild path in 2005 and that path has not been fun or straight. You see, a mental illness is not "being crazy", some of us have a mental health condition that can not be seen, so "it's not real", or we don't seek medical attention for fear of being labeled. 1in 4 people today suffer some form of a mental health condition. We try to live our days with our silent and sometimes terrifying or debilitating anxiety/panic, that no one can see but us. Trust me, this can really be debilitating. I had been a RN, Case Manager for 30 years, not one fellow healthcare coworker even tried to understand. I lost a wonderful upper management position that I'd worked hard at for 20 years and they didn't understand or even try. I have lost many friends and family members because of this. I am not working now and I have the love & support of two beautiful people, my hubby and my adult daughter. I am so happy to share my story even if it helps one person. IT IS OK TO HAVE A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE. Please don't hide in a shell, get a good psychiatrist and the help and support needed to live a productive life. This is the beginning of my story, I hope it helps and I am now going to be BRAVE, my story isn't over yet. God Bless you. ~ Becky
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