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My Dads Journey 2015

Posted on May 31 2016

Hi, Back in May of 2015, a year ago, my Dad started having severe leg pain, many trips to the ER, kept telling him it's your sciatica, so he tried many things medication wise and homeopathy, etc. One ER doctor told him to see his back surgeon, well he couldn't get in till July, so my dad just suffered till then, even fell a couple of times and paramedics were called to help.....well I drove him to the back dr. and first thing he did was feel my dad's right foot, and said I want you at your vascular dr right now, so I drove like a wild women to his office and then found out dad had blood clots forming in his leg, the vascular dr. sent him straight over to the hospital, for tests, as it turned out he spent 3 weeks in ICU, and had his right leg amputated on 8-5-15, it was devestating for all of us, he's 86 yrs old and no right leg....he got a prosthesis but us still having trouble walking and everyday life, needs lots of help, so I'm supporting him by wearing a be brave bracelet fir Amputees to tell him I love him very much......♡♡♡♡♡♡
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