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My Daddy has gone to be with God

Posted on November 09 2013

My Daddy has gone to be with God
On October 20, 2013 my Daddy went to Heaven after fighting for 2 years with pancreatic cancer. During the last 2 years he actually became my Daddy prior to this he was just Dad. We built a relationship and a respect for each other. If there is anything good about losing him it is that.

My dear friend Patti Penry brought me this bracelet. It not only honored my Daddy but the words "Be Brave" touched me. Even though I am 48, I miss having him to go talk to, to ask his advice or even just chat. I found myself scared yesterday. Scared that I would not make the correct decisions and I wished Dad was here to consult. This bracelet reminds me to be brave.

Now I am going to use this to pay it forward. I am going to purchase one for a friend and request that she does the same for a friend in need.
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