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My brave story

Posted on December 01 2015

There was a girl who was born into a beautiful family. She was beautiful, loved, and wise beyond her years. When her parents divorced, she was immediately taken in and loved by a teacher that she knew for many years. The teacher took upon herself to care for her emotionally, financially (helping with tuition) and truly loved her like a child of her own. The girl was also sent messengers- angels that helped her grow. She had a kind and gentle therapist, who pointed out her blind spots, and grew to love the girl as well. She worked for a woman who infused her own difficult life with positivity and inspiration. She had a nurturing, good humored best friend who finished her sentences and who listened compassionately to her joys and pains.
But she took all the gifts she had and sobbed. It wasn't ENOUGH, she insisted. And she felt a terrible lacking deep inside, and felt scared because sometimes all she wanted to do was curl up and die, and sometimes it was so hard to communicate to her special teacher, and sometimes she wasn't sure about the state of her mental health. And twice- she tried to take her own life. And after the second suicide attempt she was terrified. Because she was trying so hard to be healthy then. and if that could happen she was so scared that nothing that she did to try to get better would ever help. But it also gave her a strange lightness, of letting go and letting God take care of her. So she decided that its ok not to know. And with the help of God and family and friends, she would be brave. So she walked on.


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