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My brave mother, Helen Cherry Fight

Posted on April 02 2015

My brave mother, Helen Cherry Fight
My mother Helen Cherry just past away on March 16, 2015. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 1991, she had a lump ectomy and was very lucky only had to have radiation. In 2001 she had a heart attack just she had a stent put in. In October 2014 she had a defibrillator put in. At that point they did a chest ex-ray and found a spot on her lung. January 2015 she had a. Biopsy and it came back that she had stage 1 lung cancer. The doctors were surprised that they found it so early. She was lucky again from what we thought but she ended up only having to have radiation. She had this new procedure called Cyber Knife. It was to be 5 treatments 5 straight days. Right before she started treatment she started to get sick like flu symptoms. She had other issues going on with her kidneys that we were fully swear of at the time. She was in stage 4 renal failure, kidneys shutting down. She went the first 4 days straight and everyday getting weaker and weaker. On the 5th day she couldn't do her treatment was too weak and dehydrated. My sister took her to urgent care for IV fluids. The doctor was on vacation the next week and so was my mom. Although going through all this she still kept working a full time job. On February 23 she went in for her last treatment and the doctor took one look at her and said what happened. My sister said she's been like this going down hill since her last treatment. They tried to do her final treatment and she just couldn't do it. The doctor sent us to the ER and that was the last day she saw the outside world. She spent the last 22 days in the hospital. She went through so much in those 22 days. Ended up having another stent put in, blood transfusion, dialysis. On Friday March 13 she decided she was done with her fight. Three days later she went to heaven.
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