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My Brave friend Jamie Kimble

Posted on February 18 2015

At 31, Jamie had abundantly demonstrated love, compassion, strength and courage to all who knew her. And she had finally found the way to leave a boyfriend who had become increasingly controlling and abusive. It was the kind of abuse whose signs are so subtle that only a few would ever recognize them. But after seven years, Jamie realized that despite the periodic good times and all of his promises, he would never change. So she mustered the courage to start life anew. Three months later, he drove half way across the country, shot and killed her, and then killed himself.

Devoted daughter and friend, principled professional, avid dancer, runner, dedicated sports fan, and so much more, Jamie was full of life. So that her memory may live and so that others can live, the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage is committed to creating a future free of domestic violence.
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