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My 4th Birthday That Wasn't Meant to Be

Posted on February 17 2016

My 4th Birthday That Wasn't Meant to Be
My father woke me as any parent would do when training their toddler to make it through the night without wetting the bed. As he reached for me under my arms to lift me from the bed, I let out a horrific scream - one that made my Mom come running. "What did you do?!" My Dad, mortified, "Nothing - I just picked her up to take her to potty." They sat me on the bathroom counter and I remember my Mom feeling under my arms -- she looked at my Dad, "there's a couple little bumps." Needless to say, they rushed me to the doctor. I was put through a number of tests at the local hospital -- they had many thoughts about what might be wrong but nothing they could settle on.

After consulting with the team of doctors, it was decided that I should be sent to Cleveland (Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital) for further evaluation. That was when the doctors told my Mom and Dad to prepare - to prepare that their daughter will not see her 4th birthday. My Mom & Dad were not going to give up -- and neither was I. We fought -- and fought and fought. After multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation -- 3 remissions of which 2 recurrences happened, I am here today -- still fighting! Still fighting to find a cure for the nasty disease that affects so many little ones still today.

Please join me in the fight -- whatever Cause is close to your heart -- I want to help you to fight -- fight to Brave -- fight to Believe!!

xoxo Jene


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