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Mum's Story

Posted on March 23 2016

Mum's Story
In February of 2014, our Mum became ill with what she thought was the flu. It was actually

streptococcal pneumonia, and she was immediately hospitalized. After a day (during which she

fell out of the bed, unconscious, then tried to bite and kick the doctor who was trying to intubate

her) she was rushed to a bigger hospital in a nearby town. Diagnosis: Pneumonia, MRSA, and

Adult Respiratory Acute Disorder (ARDS) – of which only 1/3 of patients survive, and of those

that do, 2/3 do not have full lifestyle capability as they previously knew.

She stayed over 49 days in the hospital. There were a few times we believed we would have to

say goodbye forever. There is nothing quite like a doctor coming into the room at 3:00 AM

telling you (as you are alone) you need to consider taking your mother off life support because

he saw no hope.

But, God willing, and with prayers, a miracle occurred: she recovered. It was slow at first. She

still had the tube in her throat, and didn’t understand why and what happened, and became

frustrated because she had trouble communicating, but by God, she was alive and with us!

Finally the tube came out, and after many weeks, she was finally released with the warning that

much rehabilitation was in her future. She slowly regained her voice, some strength, and her

determination to live. Unfortunately, that meant that she would no longer be able to teach. She

was a most loving, caring, and excellent teacher; however, the illnesses prevented her from being

able to keep up with elementary school kids and be in an high germ situation (due to her weak

lungs), as she herself gets out of breath simply sweeping the floor or climbing the stairs.

She would love nothing better than to get back to that calling – teaching – but her medical

condition prohibits her from that. Due to complications during her stay, her left hip and knee

prevent her moving easily; in fact, the next step for her is both a hip and knee replacement.

Mum wants nothing more than to work, even if it means not being able to teach. Now, two years

later, she is currently fighting for disability (she has been denied twice so far), is taking a meager

retirement, but it simply is not enough to pay the bills, day to day or month to month. Not to

mention the $400,000 medical bill outstanding from her stint during her ordeal. Or the follow-up

medical bills resulting from that stay. She is living day to day, wondering if she will be able to

pay for the house, utilities, medicine, or even groceries. She is close to losing her house


Please know, our Mum is a wonderful, kind, sweet, and very proud woman who would take us to

task should she realize we are doing this in a public forum. But we are doing it anyway because

we cannot help her ourselves in this huge endeavor. We are both working, and giving all we can

to her, but in this economy, and with the jobs we have, we can do but so much.

If you would like to know more about Kathy, our Mum, before or to determine if, you would like

to donate, please feel free to contact us. We can give you more details, pictures, stories, etc.

about her fantastic, giving life. She was always the Mum all our friends would go to because she

felt like home. She was the one who took in the wayward dogs, who fed the neighborhood kids at

lunch, who had the answers others were afraid to answer. She was the one who would jump up

and dance at a good song, who would sing at the top of her lungs, who would jump into the river

first. She would be the one to give up her own food to make sure her dogs had their food.

Neither one of us want this for her; it hurts so much to see her like this. I hate to beg, but I am

hoping that you might find it in your heart to donate even a dollar to help her. And know that this

WILL be paid forward. We would gather it all up and present it to her as soon as possible as a

sort of….second miracle to her.

Please, as said before, if you have question, do not hesitate to ask. We are laying it all out in

hopes of saving our Mum and her house. Eventually, we will both reveal to her what we have

done, and I have a feeling she will go admonish us for it, but if it saves her, then it is worth it.

Thank you in advance for all you can do for our Mum. It is so much more appreciated than you

know – we will always be indebted to you all.
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