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MS Sucks! Never Give Up! Be Brave Be an MS ASSASSIN!

Posted on July 22 2013

MS Sucks! Never Give Up! Be Brave Be an MS ASSASSIN!
MS Sucks! Ten years ago I became a victim of MS. Just one of many others with this unpredictable disease that no one really understands. So I decided I needed to gain some control over this disease that no one understands. As a teacher and a life long student, to me knowledge is POWER! So I began a search of research and studies and went to my neurologist armed with questions and optimism often to be let down or disappointed. He knew even less than I did and would often poo poo my research. Then I got involved with the National MS Society and participated in the annual Walk MS fundraiser in Grand Rapids, MI. I have personally raised over $10,000 as team captain of Paula's Posse. Walking to fund a cure with family and friends. 

MS has made me do more. more quickly then I would have done because who knows how long I will have use of my legs and full cognitive abilities? Time is alwasy ticking for me and I want to live a full life for myself and for my family. SO even though I get mad and discouraged with each flare up I am also more determined and brave and have become an MS ASSASSIN! I am ready to kick MS to the curb for myself and all others who have become part of my assassin kick ass squad. Those of us not willing to go down without a fight! But we need you! We need your voice, your support and your dollars. MS is grossly underfunded at a time when there are many promising studies on treatments and even cures. So be brave and help support us as we bravely live our lives each day fighting for a chance to live a full life. Be brave and by a Bravelet! 


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