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Ms, Karen Green

Posted on March 16 2017

After being a 5 time Breast Cancer Survivor. All the treatments , chemotherapy and radiation caused some long term effects. After my husband of 28 years just couldn't handle the fact my last choice was to have a double massectomy.
Since the divorce I've lost my insurance and my vision is getting worse and I was told my head aches and blurred vision was the cause of all my falls. I've broke ribs and pass out. I was sure the Cancer came back to my brain, but in the ER it was 3 broke ribs and a broke Siskin in my back that had to be rebuilt
I was told my vision has gotten really bad. I kind of knew that. I have to used readers just to read and now my vision far away has became bad as well. The doctors think this is caused from my vision. My CT and MRI scan were Cancer Free Thank God ! With out his insurance I have no vision insurance and am trying to raise Monet for a pair and exam as well.
So, anyone who can help me I will really appreciate it. The Chemotherapy saves your life, but causes in some symptoms that you have to learn to manage. I need help getting a exam and the glasses as well. These will be bio- vocals since I'm having trouble seeing far away as well as reading fine print.

Thank You,
Karen Green
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