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Posted on July 16 2015

So it all begin one night in March of 2014. Not having my period for 8 years, I became very concerned when I started to bleed. I came out into the living room and told my son I needed to go the the emergency room right away. I couldn't imagine why this was happening but I knew I had to keep,it together for my son. Although 21, I have raised him by myself since he was 6 years old. We have a very special relationship and I am the only parent he can count on. Once examined, I am told that I will need to be seen by a gynecologist. So off I go to the gynecologist who tells me she needs to do a biopsy. A few days later she tells me that I have complex hyoerplasia with atypia. This diagnosis comes with a 40% chance of cancer. I am told that I need to have a total hysterectomy. A few weeks later I go to my gynecological oncologist who performs my surgery. We decide to go with the DaVinci total hysterectomy on May 9, 2014 removing my uterus, cervix, Fallopian tubes, ovaries and possibly my lymph nodes depending on whether or not they find cancer. Well during the biopsy during surgery, they found that my uterus was full cancer. They proceeded to remove my lymph nodes which concluded my surgery. Later that day I'm told what had unfolded earlier. My son stayed with me through it all and vowed he wouldn't leave the hospital until I did. He didn't care if they wouldn't let him stay with me, he said he would sleep on a chair in the lobby if he had to. thankfully he didn't have to, he was able to stay with me in my room. I am so so thankful to my surgeon for saving my life. After learning I had had cancer, I wasn't sure how to feel, especially knowing that they got it all. One minute I have no idea if I have cancer and then I found out I had it and now it's gone. It boggles the mind. Thankfully my cancer was in the very very early stages and I did not have to undergo any chemo or radiation. A year later I am still thankfully cancer free.
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