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Posted on June 22 2015

I am writing for my mother who has Alzheimer's disease and can not write for herself. It breaks my heart to see my mother suffer from this disease especially since she has basically spent a good portion of her life taking care of people with this disease. As a young person she started out as a nurses aid in a hospital and she was very good at it too. She even at one point had a doctor offer to pay her way through nursing school but just as many other woman in that day and age felt, she decided that she wanted a family more, so she married and had two children and by the time my brother & I were old enough for her to go back to school, she just felt that it was a little too late. She did decide though to go back to work and use her excellent skills nursing people where it was most needed and that was taking care of the elderly, and that is where she came in contact with many Alzheimer's patients. Between her strong belief in God and her comforting people skills she eased the pain of many, many people who were suffering from this horrid disease. Well to bring this sad tail to an end, she herself is now suffering from this horrific disease and I hope with all of my heart that the nurses that care for her, are half as good and patient as she was with them, for she truly deserves the kind of care that she herself became famous for.
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