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Posted on February 24 2017

August is the usual month for my annual mammogram. In 2016, however, I procrastinated a bit and did not have my mammogram until December 5. When I received a call on December 14 from the radiologist office to return for a second screening, I didn't worry about it because I had been called back before. This time was different, however. I would have a second screening, an ultrasound and a needle biopsy before I received 'that call' on December 28th with the diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (later called "Triple Negative Cancer"). The tumor was small and labeled Stage 1, but aggressive. Surgery was 4 weeks ago and I am doing fine - pathology report showed clear margins and clear lymph nodes - praise God!!! Needless to say, I wonder if the cancer would have been discovered had I gone in August. Because the cancer was 'triple negative', I will begin chemo on March 2, but Thanks be to God - I will receive only 4 rounds over a 12-week period. Radiation will follow. My faith has indeed grown stronger; I have a wonderful support system - my awesome family, a host of loving friends, my co-workers, my church family, but most of all.... I have God. I know there will be 'rough' days, but I am so blessed and just pray that I will maintain my positive attitude and look at this journey as a bump in the road. My new motto: Mammograms save lives!!! Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a survivor.
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