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Mom to an Autistic 5 year old

Posted on July 17 2012

My son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 1/2. We noticed that something was different around 6 months, when he would just stare off into space. He hated to be held, he hated to look into our faces and listen to our silly baby noises or coos at him. He was almost non responsive, and I was heartbroken. He’s now 5 and endures a lot from his peers. They notice that he’s ‘different’ but the best part about Autism, is he doesn’t really seem to notice that he is different. He’s smart, he’s worked so very hard to be able to tolerate human touch, and will now even reach for my hand at times. We have literally had to file Bankruptcy to afford his medications, treatments, and hospital stays. He is hard on his baby brother, and very violent at times, which leaves bruises and marks on me too. We love him no matter what, and work harder after we have ‘bad days’. Yesterday, we were thrown out of the Mall, and a Security Guard had to help me out to my car. I had never been so embarrassed before in my life, but my youngest, (he’s 3) held my hand and said that it would be okay. Somedays I don’t think it is going to be okay, but then I look at these three little people of mine when they’re sleeping and realize that it will be okay. Autism is not easy, it’s not something I ever expected to know someone with, but it’s really rearing it’s head around with 1 in 88 children being diagnosed, 1 in 54 of those are boys. I saw these bracelets and got so excited. I have lost friends, sleep, and sometimes I really thought that I lost faith, but the irony in that, is it was faith that made me realize that no matter how hard this is, he was sent to me for a reason, and I absolutely adore being his mother, advocate, and sometimes, I’m his only friend too! It really will get better! Kimberly Kindle – Mother to Logan, 5 with ASD and Epilepsy
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