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Mom Instinct

Posted on June 06 2016

Mom Instinct
Ryan was born on August 23, 2010. He made me a mom. He made me so aware that my life was completely changed. He made my heart triple inside. He made me want to protect more than I ever thought I could.
Ryan experienced his first allergic reaction on December 24, 2011. To watch a 16 month old toddler cry in pain, while covered in bright red hives all over his body, and not know how to help him made me so weak.
He then vomited. I knew instantly it was the peanut butter cookie he had ingested at dinner. The peanut butter cookie I encouraged him to try. I made my baby very sick.
Even though I was panicking, I made sure to watch his breathing. He never struggled to breathe. His airway was not closing. He was getting sick and still breathing. As a mom, I felt helpless and in control at the same time. I was freaking out but al very much aware of him.
We did not go to the ER. We made it through the night. He slept on his momma. I watched every.single.breath.
Ryan woke the next day perfectly fine. No hives. No fear. Ready to open presents from Santa.
When we met with the pediatrician, we told the story of what happened. He immediately ordered an EpiPen and told us to avoid peanuts. A blood test confirmed that Ryan is allergic to peanuts. Highly allergic. We learned more about administering epinephrine. I was now an allergy mom and I was to make sure my baby boy stay safe around foods. We informed our families and answered their questions, accepted their support.
Ryan is going to be 6 years old in a couple months. He rocks! He is so aware of his food allergy for a 5 year old. He is just like any other almost 1st grader. He wears his allergy bracelet with no complaints. Ryan lives everyday with no fears and I am so proud of him. He gets educated by his mom and dad often and he doesn't ignore us. He has friends with food allergies. He asks when he is unsure of new foods. I'm one proud mom and he is one BRAVE boy.
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