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Mom and Great-Grandson

Posted on February 01 2014

Mom and Great-Grandson
My Mom and Dad were married 60 years in 2010.  January 23, 2011 Dad turned 88 years old. February 2, 2011 we lost our Dad. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 12 years before he passed away. Mom was his general caregiver, she was such a champ, she worked until she was 74 years old to keep herself busy. She retired and stayed with Dad at home, driving him around, taking him fishing and tried hard to keep him interested in life. During the last year of Dad's life Mom was beginning to show signs of her own forgetfulness. I began taking care of their finances and taking them to appointments.

Mom began showing signs of Dementia and at Dad's funeral her world began to change for the worst. She couldn't seem to comprehend that Dad had passed away, as if she wasn't sure where he was. Several months after he was gone she would ask me "where is you Dad, when is he coming home?" I knew then that something was wrong. Within the year after Dad passed away one thing after another began to happen to Mom, she was told she could no longer drive and we took her car away. She had a fall and broke her wrist which resulted in her going to a rehab nursing home. My family decided she could no longer live at the home where she and Dad lived for 60 years. Once she was released from rehab we moved her to an Independent Living Home. She couldn't adjust, she wouldn't go to eat her meals and just appeared more confused. So, once again we had to move her. This time she moved into a Senior Assisted Living Home. She has been there now for the past 2 years. Today my sister called and said Mom is having trouble walking and isn't making any sense. My sister showed her a picture of she and our Dad and Mom's comment was "Tell him to get his butt home." Yes, our Mom now has Alzheimer's too.

This is a dreadful disease and our family has lost our Grandmother, Dad and Aunt to this disease and will soon lose our Mom. Please support the Alzheimer's/Dementia Foundation. I love you Mom and this picture shows how loved she is by one of the youngest members of our family. I now live 1900 miles away from my Mom and I miss her so much. 
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